Handmade Philly members at the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival 5.22.10

I had the pleasure of attending the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival on May 22, 2010 and visiting all the Handmade Philly members that I could find. There were over 130 vendors, so, I printed the vendor list the night before and tried to match it up to the member list on our websites. I’m sorry if I missed some of you. Members that I know I did miss are Laura Tepper of Kensington Supply Co. (http://kensingtonsupplyco.etsy.com) and Nicole Wiegand of Night Owl Designs  (http://www.aurora21112.etsy.com).  As I made my round, I took pictures of some of our members inside their booth. I’ve also attached links to their shops in case you were not able to attend. It was nice to meet you all. I hope you all did well in sales!

~ Lisa Hwang (www.lightmosaics.com, http://www.lightmosaics.etsy.com)

Kate Johnson, Mamoucha Soaps


Rachel Goldfarb, Rachel Shoshana Jewelry


Sarah Powell, Lilith's Apothecary


Christina, Momo Trees


Kate Holeman, The Lettered Set


Jen McCleary, Jen McCleary Art & Design


Amy Blasco, AmyB Designs


Julie, SeaBelly


Traci Nelson, Tremundo


Gretchen Diehl, BirdQueen Designs


Julie Raboczi, Philadelphia Independant Craft

Julie's lovely daughter


7 Responses to “Handmade Philly members at the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival 5.22.10”

  1. Jen

    Great post! It was nice meeting/seeing some of you at the event. I should have brought a list too since there were a few people I missed saying hi to!

  2. Nicole

    It was awesome to see so many HP members there!! Though I didn’t stop to say hi to all (most were busy as there were a TON of people milling about) it was still fun to see all the signs I knew.
    Great article Lisa!

  3. Allison

    Wow! Good to see team members out in force! I think we need to print up some team zines with all of us represented!

  4. lilithsapothecary

    Excellent post! It’s great to see everyone’s spaces as I was pretty much rooted to my table the whole time 🙂

  5. Lois

    Nice to put some faces with the names.

  6. Christina

    Great post Lisa. It was really great to finally have a face to the name! I was pretty stuck to my booth, so it is nice to get to see what the other side of the festival looked like and how many of us where there.

  7. Julie

    It was really nice meeting you!

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